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COVID-19 Updates

If you are scheduling an appointment, please know that we continue to only offer curbside service, with the exception of euthanasia appointments. Upon arrival in the parking lot, please CALL OR TEXT 616-456-9212 to alert us that you are here, as well as the COLOR AND MAKE of your vehicle. If you get our voicemail, that means that all of our phone lines are in use. Please leave a message and we will check you in! We do check the voicemails as they are coming in! A veterinary technician will come out to get your pet and bring them inside. Please have a leash on your dog, but know that we will also place a slip-leash for extra security. For cats, please ensure they are in a carrier and that it is secure. When the doctor has completed her exam, she will call you with her findings and recommendations. Once the appointment is complete, a receptionist will check you out via telephone. We will accept a credit card over the phone, as well as cash and checks. Once your check-out is complete, the technician will return your pet to you and bring your receipt.

Thank you for your understanding during this time. We never expected these changes to still be necessary at this point, however, due to the size of our facility, and our desire to stay healthy so that we can continue to serve our patients, these changes remain necessary.